About me

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As a child, I fell in love with the British Columbia landscape during a family trip to the Kootenays.For a prairie girl whose existence was marked by the swings between the extreme heat and cold of the prairie, BC provided an evergreen and ever-growing calmness. I moved to BC the moment I finished my nutrition degree. Aside from Jean Bachynski's art class in high school, I learned most of what I do from rabid reading of art books, trial and error, and my older sister, Peggy. Although I enjoyed the richness of colours from oil paints, I use acrylics for their quick drying properties that allow me to glaze rather than blend colours. Glazing and layering paint permits this feeling of depth and glowing light that I love.The positive response I received at my first ever art showing at the 2007 Moss St. Paint-In has encouraged me to continue painting and showing my work. I adore painting and learning about art and different media and techniques, and I think this joy shows in my paintings. If you follow my work, I hope you will see (and perhaps even enjoy!) the evolution of my style over time. Thanks for visiting my site!